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United States

Hello and welcome to my profile! My name is AJ. I hope you all enjoy my art as well as my written works. Feel free to explore my gallery or say hi! :iconpinkoctopusplz:


A little bit about me

~ I am a pansexual female. In other words gender, race, religion, none of that stuff matters to me. All I care about is who you are, not what you are. Love is love. I'm not forcing anyone to believe what I believe in. You are you and I am me. Just please don't cram your beliefs and views down my throat and expect me to follow. :iconverynotimpressedplz:

~ I am a shy person but I love making friends. It takes me awhile to open up but once I get use to a person I'll be my silly, nerdy self. (ノ´▽`)ノ♪

~I am completely against any form of abuse, rape, racism, and just plain rude behavior. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Is that so hard to live by? :iconpissedmonkeyplz:

~ I do swear a lot. If you don't like it then oh fucking well. No but seriously, I'm sorry it it offends you but even when I try to censor myself a few swears still surface. ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

~ I love cats, sweets, anime, cosplaying, drawing, writing, Homestuck, fashion, video games, cute things, scary things, cuddles, swimming, and roleplaying. (◡‿◡✿)

~ I use emotes and icons for almost anything! :iconiloveitplz: :iconyesvictoryplz: :iconazunyanplz: :iconlovelyhugplz:


~My Closet Friends~
:iconkawaii0noir: :iconxxgirsrxx: :iconhetalialover888: :iconhirie-nee-chan:



Maka-chan stamp by Kizu-FreaK Crona Stamp by xSweetSlayerx Blair - Stamp by Kizu-FreaK So Not Cool by Vexic929 SE: Hiro stamp by Kaze-yo :thumb487043746:
Neko!Prussia by UsagiGami :thumb421381083: :thumb421385656: :thumb421539013: :thumb430790300: :thumb499031411:
Haruhi Stamp by Kibby47 Usa-Chan Stamp by Kibby47 Cute Tamaki Stamp by ParamourxLights :thumb349021460: :Stamp: Honey Senpai by ichiipanpan : Stamp : I love Ouran by ichiipanpan
:thumb484347341: :thumb487845812: :thumb487864067: :thumb488067019: Ghoul Eyes Stamp by AyumiKawaii55 Kaneki-kun stamp by Kaze-yo
Death Parade stamp by aracelli-nyan Yumikuri Stamp by AyumiKawaii55
Stamp: I love Watermelon by apparate
Chibi Miku-san III by UsagiGami Chibi Miku-san II by UsagiGami Stamp: Len Kagamine 02 - Vocaloid by MikuFregapane Mako and Nagisa are amazed by you! by LucianJustice RWBY:Uhhh...What? -Stamp- by StampsForDays Yui Spin :: Angel Beats Stamp by DawnRedd +Pikachu(Pokemon) Stamp by YouAreMyBae Pikachu cheeks stamps by xselfdestructive
Black cat stamps by Shizuru117 Cat Lover Stamps - Sparkyard by stamps-club i'm in love with someone.. by discorave Writing is a talent. by PixieRiot I love sweets - stamp by candysores I Love Coffee - cynders-song by stamps-club
Ciel Phantomhive stamp c: by SilkyBunny :thumb356414872: Grell's Scissors {Kuroshitsuji} by SilkyBunny Kuroshitsuji ~ Ciel Phantomhive ~ Stamp 2 by KiraiMirai Kuroshitsuji ~ Alois Trancy ~ Stamp 5 by KiraiMirai Kuroshitsuji: BoC ~ Ciel Phantomhive ~ Stamp 1 by KiraiMirai Kuroshitsuji BoC ~ Sebastian Michaelis by KiraiMirai Kuroshitsuji BoC ~ Ciel Phantomhive ~ Stamp 4 by KiraiMirai Kuroshitsuji ~ Alois Trancy ~ Stamp 8 by KiraiMirai
  Wow, it has been a long time since I've been on DA.  Neko Emoji-21 (Sweat or Creep out) [V2] 

  As some of you may know, my laptop has been broken for the last few months. Every time I would turn on my laptop the screen would either just stay black, take a long time to load the desktop/home screen, glitch out, crash, and all that fun stuff. I was unable to use my laptop at all and fixing it then I bought a nice phone before then but I am not a fan of the DA mobile app. 

  This have not been going well in my personal life. It's getting harder and harder to hold on to my peace of mind. If it wasn't for my boyfriend and a couple other people I would of snapped by now. I worked really hard and finally earned enough extra cash to get my laptop repaired. Turns out the hard drive was bad so it had to be replaced. The people at the shop were even nice enough to install a few programs that'll help clean and protect my computer. It was pretty expensive but I finally got my laptop back Saturday.

  I lost everything so I spent the past few days re-downloading stuff. Peridot - Sigh Pikachu Sigh 

  Anyway, the point of this journal is to say:
  • Happy late birthday to everyone's birthdays I missed!
  • Thank you to everyone for the faves, watches, and llamas while I was away.
  • I cut my hair off so its super short now.
  • I'm graduating high school this Friday and I got accepted to college!
  • As said before , I lost everything including what I had written out for You're Special. The story is currently on hold while I figure out what I'm going to do with it but I will not cancel it. I wouldn't want to disappoint those of you who enjoy it and are still reading! EqG Twilight (Bashful) Plz 

  Also, I am moving out in a month and could really use some cash. Being the anxious little shit that I am, I'm nervous and always think I'm not good enough. Would anyone want to buy commissions from me? I was thinking of doing both art and literature commissions. I'm still working out prices and deciding if I want to for sure do this. I just want to see and make sure people would actually want my work. This is not a cry for attention or a pity party! I just don't want to put myself through something and it not be worth it in the end or not make any profit.

  Ya know?   Charlotte Surprise Smile Icon  (sorry for rambling) 

  Racing Girl Emoji (Info below) [V3] Just comment below if you would be interested at all. Racing Girl Emoji (Info below) [V3] 

Thank you for enduring my ranting and stuff. Have a nice rest of the day/evening!
  • Listening to: Kitten purrs (my sister got a new cat)
  • Reading: Whatever I type
  • Drinking: Pepsi


Gothic Lolita Chibi by PsychoMortician
Gothic Lolita Chibi
It's been so long since I've been on dA!! So much has happened since I was last on. I'll make a journal on it later. 

I am so incredibly proud of this. Yes there are flaws but I believed that I have improved greatly! I wish my blending tool worked better on Medibang, that'll make this look so much better.

Art (c) :iconpsychomortician:
Reyna (ART TRADE) by PsychoMortician
I did a art trade with a friend and drew her character Reyna. 

I usually suck at drawing furs but this ended up looking pretty good!

Reyna (c) My dear friend Cheyenne
Art work (c) :iconpsychomortician: 
Get you a girl who can do both by PsychoMortician
Get you a girl who can do both
I caved in and did a meme.

Honestly I just felt like doing masculine make up today. My little sister had to do it because I haven't no idea how to contour nor blend. I think she did a pretty good job on making me look more masculine.

I got to do a lot of practice for cosplay.

Any way, on the left is normal female me and on the right is male me, also know as Adrien! :D

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